April 11, 2021

HonorHealth John C Lincoln Phoenix Surgical Prices, Surgery Cost [Outpatient Procedures]

HonorHealth John C Lincoln Phoenix Surgical Prices, Surgery Cost [Outpatient Procedures] information given here. Cost of medical treatment in USA is rising each year due to high-cost of medicine and hospital fees. You must have health insurance to avoid your financial crisis and live debt-free. You must have a question on how to pay for surgery without insurance. It’s quite difficult to pay treatment charges especially surgery cost in USA when you have low income and without insurance.

In this article, we have provided information about surgery cost information of HonorHealth John C Lincoln Phoenix. So, let’s see!

Honorhealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center
Honorhealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center

HonorHealth John C Lincoln Phoenix Surgical Prices, Surgery Cost [Outpatient Procedures]

Procedure DescriptionPrompt Pay PriceDirect Pay PriceAverage (Estimated) Total Price
Drainage of skin abscess$5,560$7,229$11,121
Deb musc/fascia 20 sq cm/<$19,461$25,299$38,922
Rpr s/n/ax/gen/trnk 2.5cm/<$2,897$3,766$5,794
Rpr s/n/ax/gen/trnk2.6-7.5cm$5,877$7,640$11,754
Drain/inj joint/bursa w/o us$6,861$8,920$13,723
Removal of support implant$22,099$28,729$44,198
Inject sacroiliac joint$3,442$4,474$6,883
Revision of knee joint$32,681$42,485$65,361
Apply long arm splint$5,742$7,464$11,483
Apply forearm splint$3,964$5,153$7,928
Application lower leg splint$5,035$6,546$10,070
Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery$36,948$48,033$73,897
Arthroscop rotator cuff repr$37,769$49,099$75,538
Knee arthroscopy/surgery$20,473$26,615$40,946
Knee arthroscopy/surgery$20,128$26,166$40,256
Knee arthroscopy/surgery$40,094$52,123$80,189
Resect inferior turbinate$22,356$29,062$44,711
Control of nosebleed$1,709$2,222$3,418
Insert emergency airway$10,309$13,402$20,618
Dx bronchoscope/brush$7,587$9,863$15,174
Dx bronchoscope/lavage$7,636$9,927$15,273
Percut bx lung/mediastinum$5,142$6,684$10,283
Aspirate pleura w/ imaging$3,652$4,748$7,304
Non-routine bl draw 3/> yrs$11,624$15,111$23,248
Insert tunneled cv cath$9,696$12,605$19,393
Removal tunneled cv cath$3,989$5,186$7,979
Draw blood off venous device$13,184$17,139$26,368
Dx bone marrow bx & aspir$4,124$5,361$8,248
Egd diagnostic brush wash$7,230$9,399$14,460
Egd biopsy single/multiple$7,705$10,016$15,410
Egd guide wire insertion$4,084$5,309$8,168
Laparoscopy appendectomy$22,195$28,853$44,389
Diagnostic colonoscopy$3,963$5,152$7,926
Colonoscopy and biopsy$4,960$6,447$9,919
Colonoscopy w/lesion removal$4,171$5,422$8,342
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy$21,908$28,481$43,817
Abd paracentesis w/imaging$2,724$3,541$5,448
Lap ing hernia repair init$21,397$27,816$42,793
Fragmenting of kidney stone$16,767$21,797$33,533
Insert temp bladder cath$3,579$4,653$7,158
Cystoscopy and treatment$16,742$21,765$33,484
Cysto/uretero w/lithotripsy$21,582$28,057$43,165
Repair bladder defect$31871$41432$63741
Spinal fluid tap diagnostic$8454$10991$16909
Njx interlaminar crv/thrc$3872$5033$7743
Njx interlaminar lmbr/sac$3794$4932$7588
Inj foramen epidural l/s$4614$5998$9228
Inj foramen epidural add-on$4828$6277$9657
Carpal tunnel surgery$17584$22859$35168
Inj for sacroiliac jt anesth$3816$4961$7633


Article Title: HonorHealth John C Lincoln Phoenix Surgical Prices, Surgery Cost [Outpatient Procedures]
Article first published on April 1, 2019.

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