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HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center

HonorHealth Shea Scottsdale Surgical Prices, Surgery Cost [Outpatient Procedures]

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In this article, we have provided information about surgical prices (surgical cost) at HonorHealth Shea Scottsdale. So, let’s see!

HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center
HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center

HonorHealth Shea Scottsdale Surgical Prices, Surgery Cost [Outpatient Procedures]

Procedure DescriptionPrompt Pay PriceDirect Pay PriceAvg (Est) Total Price
Rpr s/n/ax/gen/trnk 2.5cm/<$2,048$2,662$4,095
Rpr s/n/ax/gen/trnk2.6-7.5cm$2,584$3,359$5,168
Acellular derm matrix implt$80,111$104,145$160,223
Excision breast lesion$19,535$25,396$39,070
Partial mastectomy$26,245$34,118$52,490
Mast simple complete$73,869$96,029$147,738
Suspension of breast$46,163$60,012$92,326
Immediate breast prosthesis$72,295$93,984$144,591
Delayed breast prosthesis$32,399$42,118$64,797
Revise breast reconstruction$30,434$39,564$60,868
Incise finger tendon sheath$7,819$10,165$15,639
Repair of ankle ligament$30,507$39,659$61,014
Apply forearm splint$3,734$4,854$7,467
Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery$34,886$45,352$69,772
Knee arthroscopy/surgery$19,203$24,963$38,405
Resect inferior turbinate$20,452$26,587$40,903
Repair of nasal septum$21,209$27,571$42,417
Dx bronchoscope/lavage$8,794$11,432$17,588
Percut bx lung/mediastinum$5,055$6,572$10,111
Aspirate pleura w/ imaging$4,148$5,393$8,296
Insert tunneled cv cath$10,277$13,360$20,555
Removal tunneled cv cath$12,555$16,321$25,110
Draw blood off venous device$7,555$9,822$15,110
Collect blood from picc$10,189$13,246$20,378
Dx bone marrow bx & aspir$12,973$16,865$25,947
Biopsy/removal lymph nodes$48,115$62,550$96,230
Ra tracer id of sentinl node$44,352$57,657$88,703
Io map of sent lymph node$46,484$60,429$92,968
Egd diagnostic brush wash$6,176$8,029$12,352
Egd biopsy single/multiple$6,259$8,137$12,518
Egd us fine needle bx/aspir$8,385$10,901$16,770
Egd us exam duodenum/jejunum$6,006$7,808$12,012
Laparoscopy appendectomy$21,442$27,874$42,884
Diagnostic colonoscopy$3,430$4,460$6,861
Colonoscopy and biopsy$5,582$7,257$11,164
Colonoscopy w/lesion removal$6,287$8,174$12,575
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy$20,720$26,936$41,440
Abd paracentesis w/imaging$2,757$3,584$5,513
Prp i/hern init reduc >5 yr$16,335$21,236$32,671
Insert temp bladder cath$3,186$4,142$6,372
Cystoscopy and treatment$13,678$17,781$27,355
Prostatectomy (turp)$22,235$28,905$44,470
Cmbn ant pst colprhy$29504$38355$59008
Repair bladder defect$29006$37708$58012
Hysteroscopy biopsy$15786$20522$31572
Tlh w/t/o 250 g or less$30429$39557$60857
Laparoscopy remove adnexa$24825$32272$49649
Laparoscopy excise lesions$28038$36449$56076
Care of miscarriage$9339$12141$18678
Carpal tunnel surgery$11609$15092$23219


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Article Title: HonorHealth Shea Scottsdale Surgical Prices, Surgery Cost [Outpatient Procedures]
Article first published on April 7, 2019.

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