Knee Replacement

How Much Should a Knee Replacement Cost: Knee Replacement Cost in NYC

How Much Should a Knee Replacement Cost? aka Knee Replacement Cost in NYC is a major concern for middle age and older age people in the United States of America. In recent decades, the cost of knee replacement is rising each year. It’s quite difficult for majority of people to go for knee replacement surgery in NYC due to high cost of surgery and treatment.

In every situation, you should have health insurance. To buy health insurance in USA, you should compare each and every company’s plans and cover. In New York City, a number of hospitals and doctors offers knee replacement surgery with various health packages. In New York City, knee replacement cost more as happens in LASIK surgery.

Knee Replacement
Knee Replacement

How Much Should a Knee Replacement Cost: Knee Replacement Cost in NYC

Is New York City Expensive for Knee Replacement Surgery

New York City is considered the most expensive city for knee replacement based on latest reports by the Forbes Magazine.

On an average, the hospitals in New York City charges $61,266 for this treatment. So, which is the cheapest city in the United States of America for knee replacement? Based on the same Forbes Magazine report, Montgomery (Alabama) is the cheapest destination for knee replacement. Based on an average cost, it may cost you $16,096

New York, NY: Knee Repair Surgery Cost Comparison

Note: These are the repair surgery charges, not the replacement.

Please contact the respective hospital to get exact figure/charge of surgery. This is only approx. estimate for patient.

The Mount Sinai HospitalNew York$2,625 – $8,300
Karpinski Ambulatory Surgery UnitNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Harlem Hospital CenterNew York$5,700 – $17,800
Nyc Foot and Ankle ObsNew York$2,175 – $6,700
New York Precision Foot CareNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Ny Ortho, Sports Medicine, and TraumaNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Murray Hill CareNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Metropolitan Hospital CenterNew York$5,700 – $17,800
Lenox Hill HospitalNew York$1,950 – $6,000
Manhattan OrthopaedicsNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Hobeika OrthopaedicsNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Unite Health CenterNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Bellevue Hospital CenterNew York$5,700 – $17,800
University Place OrhtopedicsNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Gramercy Surgery CenterNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Fifth Avenue Surgery CenterNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Fort Washington CenterNew York$2,175 – $6,700
The Reed CenterNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Upper East Side SurgicalNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Ny Orthopaedic Hospital AssociatesNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Fifth Avenue Medical OperatoryNew York$2,175 – $6,700
ParkmedNew York$2,175 – $6,700
New York Orthopaedics and Sports MedNew York$2,175 – $6,700
DBA Manhattan Sports TherapyNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Nyu Hospital for Joint Diseases Orthopaedic InstNew York$2,025 – $6,400
New York-presbyterian Hospital/weill Cornell MedicalNew York$2,700 – $8,500
Beth Israel Medical Center – Petrie DivisionNew York$1,750 – $5,400
Synergy MedicalNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Rockefeller University HospitalNew York$5,700 – $17,900
Hospital for Special SurgeryNew York$4,800 – $14,800
Fifth Avenue SurgeryNew York$2,175 – $6,700
JelksmedicalNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Park Avenue Ambulatory SurgeryNew York$2,175 – $6,700
Saint Luke’s-roosevelt Hospital Center – Saint LukesNew York$2,325 – $7,300
Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat HospitalNew York$2,175 – $6,900


Q1: What is the success rate of knee replacement surgery?
Answer: Based on patient opinions, 95% success rate is achieved in knee replacement surgery. Most of these patients able to perform routine activities easily and without pain.

Q2: How much does a knee replacement cost out of pocket?
In the United States, the average cost of knee replacement surgery is US$57,000. This is based on common coverage levels available on website.

Q3: Does insurance cover knee replacement?
Answer: In the United States, several health insurance companies and Medicare offer health insurance coverage of knee replacement surgery. However, you have still need to pay some part of your bill.

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Article Title: How Much Should a Knee Replacement Cost: Knee Replacement Cost in NYC

Article last re-published on December 8, 2019.

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