June 27, 2022
LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Cost in Australia: How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Australia

Laser eye surgery also known as LASIK is a surgery used to treat certain types of vision problems including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. To buy health insurance may help a lot in uncertain times. To buy health insurance may help a lot in shedding away the burden of heavy medical bills and hospital’s cost. LASIK surgery may sound expensive and unnecessary to few but yet the surgery is certainly a revolutionary surgery for those who are tired of wearing eye glasses and contact lenses.

Talking about the surgery, often the most common question asked is How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Australia? Also there are concerns if the cost of the surgery is the only cost or are there any more costs required for after surgery care. In this section we will guide with info about LASIK Cost in Australia and all the related factors that may influence the cost of LASIK in Australia.

LASIK Cost in Australia
LASIK Cost in Australia

LASIK Cost in Australia

Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Australia may cost between $2500 and $ 3300 per eye. Firstly, the cost of your LASIK procedure is based on your eye evaluation. The cost may also vary because of certain cost variants too, so you must check with the facility and compare the benefits and inclusions.

Understanding LASIK and PRK/Lasek

LASIK surgery procedure involves creating a thin corneal flap and then use of  laser beam on the internal tissue of the cornea. The surgery is painless and doesn’t take much time. In PRK the epithelium is removed and then laser beam is used on the surface of the cornea. And in Lasek epithelium is moved gently aside  and then laser beam is used on surface of cornea.

LASIK Cost in Australia
LASIK Cost in Australia

Both the PRK/Lasek surgeries are also painless surgeries and takes only few minutes per eye. The surgery time of all the methods is almost same but post-operative recovery time for PRK and Lasek is generally longer as compared to recovery period of LASIK.

LASIK Cost and Health Insurance

As per insurance companies LASIK is considered as an elective surgery, but few private insurance companies offer some benefit options that can help you save expenditure of the procedure. Schemes like FSA/HAS also offer tax advantages which can be funded towards cost of LASIK.

And lastly, it always good to ask insurance company about the availability of any eye care plans or any other alternatives that can be included with your current insurance plan to ease the funding process of LASIK eye surgery before opting for the LASIK eye surgery,

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Article first published on May 31, 2020.

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