August 3, 2021
Nose Job Cost in NYC

How Much Does Nose Plastic Surgery Cost in New York

Rhinoplasty or simply nose job (Nose plastic surgery) is one of the latest trends among the young generations to reshape their nose. It’s a common question among the young generation in New York City “How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in NYC?” A nose job surgery is an investment for your body which should be done after careful study of information.

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Nose Job Cost in NYC
Nose Job Cost in NYC

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in NYC

Rhinoplasty in New York City is more costly compared to other smaller cities in the United States. Rhinoplasty procedure is commonly open and closed surgical operations in both types.

An average cost of rhinoplasty in NYC ranges between US$3,000 to US$15,000. Plastic surgery cost / prices are higher in the New York City and state compared to other American cities / states. However, the quality of surgery procedure of rhinoplasty is also higher than any other city / state.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Cost in NYC

On the other hand, the cost / price of a non-surgical rhinoplasty ranges between US$1,000 to US$2,000 and more. This cost is totally depend on the work / procedure to be done. This procedure cost only applies to cosmetic procedure and not for change of nose shape or clearing the issue of breathing problems.

If you are looking for revision rhinoplasty cost in NYC, then it may ranges from US$4,000 to US$10,000 or higher. This is totally depend on the surgery procedure to be done.

Rhinoplasty Cost USA
Rhinoplasty Cost

What’s Included in Rhinoplasty Cost (NYC)

Most of the cost of rhinoplasty in New York city includes anesthesia, pre-visits, post-operational appointments, venue fee, extent treatment (if required), and any other things required.

So, when someone who is interested in nose surgery related procedures, they have one common question “How much is rhinoplasty?“. They have also need to check what is included in this price.

Surgical Venue Fee

Your rhinoplasty surgery can be done in a private hospital or medical facility. This place is decided by your surgeon and has to accredited by American health care organizations.

Right now, there are three different options available which determine your surgical venue cost, these are following:

  • The first option: For your surgery venue fee, the nose specialists’ own medical facility is one of the expenses. It may cost you between US$1,000 and US$3,000. If your surgery can be done here, then there are several advantages of this procedure. The surgeon knows the place very well, available equipment and selecting the staff members for surgery.

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  • Second option: It is one of the most important things in your nose surgery cost. It is the medical facility used by the doctor for your procedure. The cost ranges between US$3,000 to US$6,000. Your surgery / operation may take up to 2 hours or more in some cases. The charges are calculated in USD per hour. However, this operation time may be different for each surgery procedure, such as broken nose surgery, ethnic rhinoplasty, tip rhinoplasty and others.

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  • Third Option:¬†It is usually charges about US$6,000 or more per surgery. However, this type of facility usually best equipped. In this type of medical facility, everything can be handled easily as most of equipments are available to prevent more complications. This option is choose by the surgeon only when the operation looks risky in certain conditions.
Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in NYC
Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in NYC

Anaesthesia Specialist Fee

It is one of the most necessary things to do for your surgery. Average rhinoplasty cost includes this specialist fee. This procedure is done by a specialist called Anesthesiologist or a trained nurse. This cost depend on the specialist you hire for this service.

In New York, most professional specialist for anesthesia charge US$500 per hour. However, most of patients feel more safer when a professional specialist is present during the surgery / operation. If you want to save money in this service, you can hire a professional and trained nurse at US$300 per hour for the same work.

Pre and Postoperational Appointments and Procedures

In New York City, most of best plastic surgeons do not schedule their operation without prior pre-operational appointments. There should be some reasons for this operation.

In rhinoplasty cost, medicines are not included in the price estimation. This medicine should be taken before the procedure, during the procedure, and after the operation.

If you are looking for best and top NYC rhinoplasty surgeon, then do not forget to ask them about various cost / prices of pre and post-operational medicine. This thing helps you to plan your financial budget.

Extent Treatment (If Necessary)

You have to keep some sum of money for your extent treatment or procedure. This may be helpful to prevent further issues in your recovery. Some of the common conditions when extent treatment is necessary are below:

  • Serious deviations of nasal bones and cartilage
  • Serious injuries of the nose that needs a complex surgery or operation
  • A very thin or thick nasal skin that may cause complications with the incisions.
  • A lack of cartilage that has to be filled by the grafts from other cartilages in the body.

In the phase of recovery, a few patients require special facial care that may cost up to US$200 or more. In the case of hyperpigmentation as a side effect after the operation, a special laser treatment should be carried out by the respective surgeon which may add in the range US$2,000-US$3,000.

Rhinoplasty Insurance Coverage in New York City

There are two types of rhinoplasty operations, the first one is aesthetic and other is functional. The latter is partially or fully covered by your respective health insurance company. On the other hand, the first one is completely depend on your personal budget / expenses. The following are usual conditions which guarantee insurance coverage:

  • Nasal vestibular stenosis
  • Deformity of nasal septum
  • Large inferior turbinate

To get the health insurance coverage, you have to go for various health tests to confirm your health condition. Typically these health tests include but not limited to rhinomanometry, CT scans, acoustic rhinometry, and other.

Rhinoplasty Cost in NYC is higher than any other states / cities in the United States. Be careful with your financial budget and confirm from your surgeon about how much does nose plastic surgery cost with several expenses.

Article last re-published on January 4, 2020.

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